March 2018

Nilam Farooq in Berlin

Photos © herzflimmern – Nadine Schachinger

April 2017

Summer in Windhoek Collection

Photos © time4africa by courtesy of Vera Eva Kotrschal and Paavo Shooya

March 2016

Spring in Vienna Collection

Photos © Tobias Ratz

June 2015

Romantic Summer Collection

Photos © Helmut Spudich

June 2014

Dakar Fashion Week

time4africa was opening the Dakar Fashion Week 2014, one of Africa´s most famous fashion events that took place in mid-June. For the 12th year in succession Senegal´s splendid Adama Paris, fashion designer and founder of Dakar Fashion Week, invited young and established designers to present their collections to an international public.

Photos © Abdoulaye Ly © Sharon Lomanno © Luciana De Michele © Per-Anders Pettersson © DFW

May 2013

Tyrolean Collection

Photos © Jared Egger