Where do the fabrics come from?

Our designer, Imma Baumgartner, sources the cotton fabrics at local markets on her trips to Africa. This supports regional producers and ensures the unique nature of the fabrics.

Are the fabrics really handmade?

Yes. Some of the fabrics are produced by hand using the traditional Batik process and printed manually with stamps. This can result in slight irregularities in the fabrics and patterns, but this is typical for such fabrics and is what makes them so unique.

Are the items in the collection really one-of-a-kind items?

Yes, because we love uniqueness! We make sure that there is only one example of each item of clothing in each size.

Where are the garments and items produced?

Our garments are produced in Austria by small and medium-sized enterprises with whom we have established successful working relationships over the course of many years. Our cooperation partners place as much emphasis on quality, handcraft and solid workmanship as we do ourselves. Our accessories like the GlamourFlowers or pocket squares and the packaging for our perfumes are produced by an integration project in Vienna, which we are delighted to be able to support in this way.