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Imma Baumgartner, Designer
Imma Baumgartner, Designer

Cross Culture Couture combined with Austrian made-to-measure clothing

time4africa is a young Vienna-based fashion label which captivates its clients with the vivid colours of a continent. Graphic fabric design from Africa and the classic style of the traditional Austrian dress come together to create a Dirndl that hugs and flatters every woman’s silhouette. Trendy (wrap) dresses, skirts and tops in “Urban” Design round off the collection beautifully.

Designer Imma Baumgartner has long ties with Africa. She spent some time living on a farm in Tanzania and has travelled extensively in Western and Central Africa – from Cameroon to Senegal. The creativity, cheerfulness and joie de vivre that are so evident in these cultures are the inspiration behind the time4africa label.

Africa’s mysterious beauty

The fabrics are handpicked by Imma in Africa, and the garments are sewn by hand, Dirndl are made to measure in Austria – making every item in the time4africa dress collection a perfectly tailored one- of-a-kind masterpiece.

The exquisite items in the time4africa jewellery collection are also made of the finest natural elements. These bronze, wood or glass ‘pearls’ are handmade by local craftsmen using traditional methods. Imma purchases each of these unique or limited edition items herself directly from traditional local markets – never from wholesalers – thus ensuring that each piece tells its own personal story of Africa.

time4africa fashions and accessories offer an exciting mix of styles for the contemporary, cosmopolitan woman who likes to be a little different.

Let yourself be taken away by our collection.


Photos © Christina Anzenberger-Fink

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